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A World Class Training Center for the Throwing Events
The Concordia University Throw Center

The Concordia University Throw Center is located on 10 acres of land near Marine Drive and Portland International Airport on NE 33rd Avenue in Portland.  The unique layout will include a basketball court-sized rain shelter for throwing in the Oregon elements as well as traditional uncovered circles and runways.  All four throwing events will have the circles, cages, and runways for elite athlete training and large clinic groups of up to 40 per event. Participants can experience throwing safely at the same time or competitions ranging fro local all-comers meet to the international level.

  Why a Throw Center?
Because there is no facility designed only for the throws in this country and every other throwing venue is an after thought to the running track or the football stadium

Because throwing is a great vehicle for learning and growth

Because Concordia University has world class human resources to use this world class facility for the greatest benefit of the community

Because this is every throwers’ dream

Because it deserves to be done right.

Because it’s beautiful, because we can.......

“Learning is growth.
Growth is life.
No learning, no life.
What did you learn today?”

-Mac Wilkins - 1984

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