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Why Concordia? – The NAIA Advantage
Concordia University is going through an expansion of its campus and enrollment that includes a $15M Library/Community Learning Center and a new soccer/baseball complex.
  The mission is to grow the university and increase it’s involvement with and value to the community. The Throw Center and its programs fit this mission exactly.  
The Throw Center is supported by Concordia University and the Concordia Foundation at the highest level.
  The Provost, the CFO of the university and the executive director of the Concordia Foundation are interested and available to discuss their support for the Throw Center.  
The outreach programs become a reality working with like-minded partners like NIKE, adidas, SEI, Boys and Girls Clubs, Police Athletic League and Special Olympics.
  These partnerships and programs would NOT be possible at an NCAA school.  
  Combining training for youth, collegiate and elite throwers in time and place is NOT possible under NCAA regulations.  
Coaching youth and high school athletes on an ongoing basis is NOT permitted by NCAA regulations.
    NCAA regulations, driven by the excesses of the football and basketball businesses, restrict the development of our sport, track & field.  
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