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A Center of Excellence in Portland
A unique partnership of public and private organizations is creating a Center of Excellence for the Throwing Events. The Concordia Throw Center will become the focus of throwers in high school, college, and post-collegiate levels with the talent and passion to compete in Olympics. Portland will be known for its excellence in the Olympic throwing events as it is known for its leadership in sports shoe and apparel. Concordia University and Portland will be known for throwing as University of Oregon and Eugene are known for distance running.
A regional and national resource for developing the throws  
Clinics and camps – on a regular basis, year round for coach and athlete education  
Competitions at all levels – televised International throwing events, collegiate competitions, all comers meets during the summer, Special and Para Olympic events, Scottish Highland Games, family fun days with throwing exhibitions and a learn-by –doing fair  
Throwing festivals that include clinics, competition, and exhibitions for families and athletes  

A feeder system for collegiate throwing programs in the state – The Oregon Throwers Academy (OTA) – Founded in 2004, the OTA attracts young throwers from around the Northwest for regular year round training and develops young throwers for a collegiate career  
    Oregon high school hammer championships – As a result of programs at the throw center, Oregon will have enough hammer throwers and coaches to require a state championship for high school throwers.  
An international network of champions – The throw center is to be a resource for all throwers at all levels. Mac’s peers, Olympic class throwers and coaches will be welcome at the Center.
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